Four Saucemen "The Black Rub" 275ml shaker
Create the ultimate bark with flavour to match. Garlic, chilli and some secrets from The Saucemen will have your brisket singing from the barbecue! Put some zing into your beef short ribs, steaks and cheeks. it’s gluten-free too.AWARDS: King of...
Four Saucemen BBQ Sauce
A beautiful blend of natural ingredients. Cooked down, to balance an earthy and tangy BBQ Sauce with a hint of heat. Dates, cocoa, chilli and coffee are some of the ingredients that make this sauce addictive and delicious. It’s gluten-free.
Four Saucemen Beef Rub Shaker
One of our most popular rubs. The special ingredient is a beetroot powder that gives this rub its vibrant colour and notoriety. Blended with garlic, salt and pepper, you will impress the toughest judges at home or on the competition...
Four Saucemen Black Truffle Rub
What can we say….this adds an amazing flavour profile that will enhance many dishes. Steak, lamb, seafood, fries, soups, cheese - you name it, it works, so use your imagination! Also Winner at King of the Mountain on debut. USE...
Four Saucemen Jalapeno & Sweet Orange Rub - 129734
Get ready for some hot and citrusy goodness! Absolutely amazing on chicken, skirt steak tacos, fish, scallops, crayfish and wings. This out-of-the-box product is so much fun. If you enjoy a little heat, you’ll be in heaven. Mix with panko...
Four Saucemen Lamb Rub Shaker
A proven winner - this North African inspired mix (think cumin, cocoa and cinnamon) picked up 1st Place at the Kumeu BBQ Comp 2021 and 5th Place at Meatstock 2020. Sweet but earthy with a subtle touch of heat, this...
Four Saucemen Manuka Hot Honey Rub 300g Shaker
  Probably the best rub in the world Genuine NZ Manuka Honey in the Rub An absolute taste explosion in the mouth. Perfect on all proteins, vege, potato, pasta ..... ENDLESS !!!  
Four Saucemen Pork Shaker 275ml
This rub is our OG! Sweet, smokey with a little bit of heat. One of the key ingredients is the fresh smoked paprika we bring in especially - the experts believe it’s the world’s best. (We agree and so will...
Four Saucemen White Rub Shaker
Salt, pepper, and garlic butter. An all-purpose seasoning you can use with all our rubs. Amazing as a foundation rub or finishing seasoning. It’s a flavour boost on steroids! FYI…it’s gluten-free.
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