Croix Valley Garlic BBQ Booster - CV11 129801
Croix Valley's Garlic Barbecue Booster is the most versatile product in the entire Croix Valley family of products. Our Barbecue Booster line can be shaken over food before, during, or after the cook, just like any seasoning such as salt and pepper. Garlic...
Croix Valley Original Booster CV09 - 129799
Croix Valley Original Barbecue Booster is designed as an all purpose seasoning but can be used as a dry rub as well.  Our Barbecue Booster line can be shaken over food before, during or after the cook like you would...
Croix Valley Spicy BBQ Booster CV10 - 129800
Similar in nature to the Garlic Booster,  Croix Valley's Spicy Barbecue Booster is an all purpose rub & seasoning perfect for all meats and vegetables or any dish that could use a little heat. Our Barbecue Booster line can be shaken over food before,...
Four Saucemen White Rub Shaker
Salt, pepper, and garlic butter. An all-purpose seasoning you can use with all our rubs. Amazing as a foundation rub or finishing seasoning. It’s a flavour boost on steroids! FYI…it’s gluten-free.
Monster S/S Rotisserie Basket 130191
  410mm L x 300mm W with adjustable depth from from 35mm to 75mm Suit rod shaft 12mm-22mm  
Oakridge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork Rub 6 oz
Competition Beef & Pork Rub The rub that started it all for Oakridge BBQ… The Original “COMP rub”; Competition Beef & Pork. Bold and flavorful with a subtle but noticeable background heat are the trademarks of this All Natural Gold...
Qwick Trim - Brisket Trimmer
Patent-pending Qwick Trim is an easy and safe brisket and fat cap trimmer designed for large cuts of meat. The Qwick Trim is perfect for homegrown and professional barbecue pit masters alike.
Slow N Sear Kettle Rotisserie Kit
Looking for a rotisserie solution for your 22" SnS Kettle Grill?  Look no further!  This ring 'o fire is a perfect companion for you.  Want to make a couple of chickens?  Easy!  Want to just lift the entire *grate up...
Stainless Steel Smash Burger Press
High quality Stainless Steel Burger press perfect for Smashed Burgers.
Under The Hood BBQ - Original BBQ Sauce
This liquid thriller is our very own signature Barbecue sauce that goes well with everything! It was born out of demand for a flavour explosion. Something that we originally used in our catering with our pulled pork has now taken...
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