PUREQ No 5 "Man o' War" - Wireless Thermometer
Our next big up and coming thermo cooking device - the PUREQ Man O' War Wireless Smart thermometer - for both ambient temperature (from through the lid) and probe. Inspiration taken from the Portuguese Man O™ War, our No 5™...
PureQ No 2 "Gemini" - Dual Probe Thermometer
We've got a step above from our much loved SOLO Meat thermometer with the NEW No2 Gemini Dual probe thermometer. Giving you an additional corded probe on top of our iconic fold-out probe, so you can constantly measure the temperature...
PureQ No 1 "SOLO" - Meat and Cooking Thermometer
The ultra-fast Manual probe meat thermometer with a super-fast 2~3 second read time (& not to mention a more than handy bottle opener..) High accuracy of ± 1, ±2 and temperature range of -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F) This...
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