Elk Creek - Limited Edition Hog Knuckle BBQ Rub
Ok folks, here it is…Get ready to improve your Competition scores and impress your guests at you next backyard get together! I worked on it long enough and won’t keep you waiting. Elk Creek’s Hog Knuckle is the key to...
Elk Creek - AP Rub
Once again Elk Creek has developed a rub that will take anything you put on it to the next level.  Unlike most all-purpose rubs, this blend amplifies the natural flavors that are present and adds the perfect balance of seasoning. ...
Elk Creek Hog Knuckle Honey Chipotle Rub
As always at Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co. we strive for the balance in flavors so you will have the best cooking experience! The bright mahogany color produced by this rub simply cant be matched! and with that classic yet unique...
Elk Creek Beef Shake
Our Beef Shake is the Ultimate Steak Seasoning, Great for BBQ for and all things beef or wild game. Excellent on Burgers tri-tip, chuck roast, beef ribs, or brisket. This seasoning has won many steak awards in the backyard and SCA (Steak Cookoff...
Elk Creek - Bare Knuckle Black Rub
Want that Char-Fired flavor everyone is looking for? well look no further! I developed this rub to be a grilling delight, using a very unique hardwood charcoal in the rub itself, it will bring that authentic look and flavor of...
Elk Creek - Cajun Stinger
Ok folks , Here it is…Elk Creek’s Cajun Stinger is the key to improving your next BBQ session. Developed over the last year along several Competition BBQ trail circuits, it flat out excelled and improved anything we put it on,...
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