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  • Size: 474mm high and 510mm round. This makes it perfect for the smaller backyard, or beach home when you want to spend relaxing evenings with just 3 or 4 of you, maybe just you and your spouse. Kindle your spirits and unwind from the day or week's pressures. Don’t let the small size fool you though! This pumps out a lot of heat if you want it to.

  • Integrated stand with revolutionary heat delete to protect surfaces from heat damage. This means you can safely put this down on ANY surface (timber will need Ember-Shield for additional protection) without the risk of damaging it with heat and you’ll have safe, enjoyable moments by the fire

  • Comes with easily removable ash pan and fire grate to keep fire aerated and burning hot and makes clean-up a breeze. This means you’ll never have to scoop ash out of the bottom of your fire pit, ending up with soot up to your elbows! Easily take the ash pan out and dump in a garden when fully cooled off.

  • Constructed from 100% heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel. 100% made in New Zealand.
    Makes for an awesome, luxurious and enduring finish. Extremely durable and weather resistant which means you’ll have a beautiful smokeless fire pit that lasts for years with the clean brushed stainless modern aesthetic.

  • Supplied with stainless brushed finish. Fits perfectly into your designer outdoor space right off the truck and naturally darkens with each burn for an awesome looking light bronze effect.

  • Stainless nameplate for a beautiful aesthetic. This means there will be no mistake when friends and family see your epic smokeless fire pit, that you’ve bought the best of the best and they’re going to have an amazing evening at your place!
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