PUREQ No 6 "Simplex" Alarm Thermometer
A no-fuss thermometer. Solid Casing. Steel probes. Built to be tested. Our 6th arrival to the PureQ range delivers simple, effective results for those who up their game without the fuss of getting technical. Easily set an alarm to notify...
PUREQ No 5 "Man o' War" - Wireless Thermometer
Our next big up and coming thermo cooking device - the PUREQ Man O' War Wireless Smart thermometer - for both ambient temperature (from through the lid) and probe. Inspiration taken from the Portuguese Man O™ War, our No 5™...
PureQ No 2 "Gemini" - Dual Probe Thermometer
We've got a step above from our much loved SOLO Meat thermometer with the NEW No2 Gemini Dual probe thermometer. Giving you an additional corded probe on top of our iconic fold-out probe, so you can constantly measure the temperature...
PureQ No 1 "SOLO" - Meat and Cooking Thermometer
The ultra-fast Manual probe meat thermometer with a super-fast 2~3 second read time (& not to mention a more than handy bottle opener..) High accuracy of ± 1, ±2 and temperature range of -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F) This...
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