Four Saucemen Black Truffle Rub
What can we say….this adds an amazing flavour profile that will enhance many dishes. Steak, lamb, seafood, fries, soups, cheese - you name it, it works, so use your imagination! Also Winner at King of the Mountain on debut. USE...
Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce 16oz
Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce is a thin, vinegar and pepper based sauce popular in “Barbecue Joints” down south. It can be used as a marinade, baste, or even a dipping sauce. This sauce gives food a unique boost...
Four Saucemen Pork Shaker 275ml
This rub is our OG! Sweet, smokey with a little bit of heat. One of the key ingredients is the fresh smoked paprika we bring in especially - the experts believe it’s the world’s best. (We agree and so will...
Kosmos Q Killer Honey Bee Rub
AWARD-WINNING HONEY RUB FOR SMOKING, GRILLING, AND BROILING Maybe our sweetest rub yet, this is the perfect way to add that sultry honey flavor to literally any meat, light or dark. If you find yourself needing to sweeten the pot...
Four Saucemen BBQ Sauce
A beautiful blend of natural ingredients. Cooked down, to balance an earthy and tangy BBQ Sauce with a hint of heat. Dates, cocoa, chilli and coffee are some of the ingredients that make this sauce addictive and delicious. It’s gluten-free.
Killer Hogs AP Rub
Killer Hogs The A.P. Seasoning (14oz Net Weight - 16oz by Volume) This is our "All Purpose" Seasoning. If you’re serious about grilling and smoking, you need a flavorful and balanced seasoning versatile enough to be used on everything. The A.P. Seasoning works...
Kosmos Q Buffalo Wing Dust
Kosmos Q is trying to change the way you see homemade buffalo wings. It's as simple as this: why not get all the classic flavor of your favorite buffalo wing sauce, but nearly none of the mess? Kosmos special spice...
Meat Mitch Steer Season Rub
End of Season Clarence was $15.00 NOW $5.00
$15.00 $5.00

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