Go Anywhere Extension Riser 200mm (Rotisserie ready unit)
Rising up, extend your go anywhere up 200mm comes ready to fit you rotisserie kit, to rotate your favorite chicken, pork, lamb or even your sausage
Go Anywhere Smash Plate
Flat plate designed to fit the Go Anywhere, Great for cooking breakfast
Weber Grill Tongs
Grab and flip steaks or veggies with ease. The essential barbecue tool features a locking mechanism to keep tongs closed for compact storage, and it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.• Stainless steel construction• Locking mechanism for compact storage• Dishwasher...
Weber Temperature Probe suit Connect - 7211
The Meat Temperature Probe monitors food temperature from the beginning of your cook to end. Once you’ve connected the probe to your iGrill device, simply connect the free app to display real-time temperature. The pack includes colour indicators ensuring you...
Weber Smoker Box
Add delicious smoke flavour to any barbecued meal. Infuse your food with a hint of hickory, apple, pecan, cherry or mesquite wood. Set the smoker box on top of your cooking grills to transform most gas or charcoal barbecues into...
Weber Grill Spatula
Easily flip burgers and lift steaks off the barbecue with this stainless-steel spatula. This essential barbecuing tool is long enough to keep your hand far from the heat, and it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.• Stainless steel construction• Dishwasher safe...
Weber Precision 3-Piece Grill Set
Flip burgers, turn vegetables or glaze your ribs with extra flavour. The 3-sided beveled edge spatula, hands-free locking tongs and full-size silicone basting brush in the Precision 3-Piece Grill Set are your everyday barbecuing essentials in one kit. All tools...
Weber Performer Premium Kettle on Large Cart c/w S/S GBS Grill - K15401724
The ultimate Weber kettle is the Performer Premium. The convenient work surface is made of painted metal and underneath is a pull out storage bin for items such as additional charcoal or smoking woods. The Performer Premium also features a...
Weber ® 57cm Heavy Duty Hinged Cooking Grill
If you're a lover of all things charcoal, then the Gourmet BBQ System cooking grill is perfect for you, and is the first piece you need for building the ultimate outdoor charcoal cooking system. A heavy gauge cooking grill with...
Weber ® Pizza Stone
Take you and your family to Italy, well at least their taste buds anyway. Cook delicious homemade pizzas outside with the Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone. The cordierite stone absorbs moisture during cooking, giving you a delicious, light and crispy...

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