Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce & Marinade CV00 - 129810


Our Original recipe Steak Sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. This sauce combines the flavors of tomatoes, onions, and a signature blend of spices to complement any meat. Amazing on steaks and chicken to pork and burgers, Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce can be used as a condiment, barbecue sauce, marinade, or as a key ingredient in cooking a wide variety of dishes. Made famous at our family's steakhouse, this is the sauce that started it all!

Additional suggested uses:

  • Fantastic addition to chili.
  • Add to beef gravy for amazing flavor and depth.
  • Mix with ground beef for an amazing meatloaf.  Baste on meatloaf while cooking!
  • Fantastic marinade and condiment for wild game - Makes the best venison!
  • Excellent marinade for making jerky.
  • Add to a crockpot of meatballs or cocktail wieners for an amazing appetizer.

Recipes featuring Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce:
Croix Valley Saucy Meatloaf
Croix Valley Grilled Pork Chili
Game Day Appetizer: The Croix Valley Football

Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce & Marinade CV00 - 129810
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