Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Bundle - BBQ/Cart/Plate/Cover/Abzorber/Scraper and Cookbook


Ziggy Bundle Includes:

  • Twin Grill (choose between Red, Grey or Black)
  • Mobile Cart
  • Twin Grill full BBQ & cart cover
  • Half Cast Iron hotplate
  • Cookbook
  • Abzorber
  • Scraper

The Ziggy Classic Twin Grill barbecue delivers outstanding power with the flexibility to cater for an intimate dinner or a crowd of friends. Featuring an oversized thermometer with modernised bezel, stainless steel hood handle and contemporary control knobs your Ziggy Grill will stand out from the crowd! With quick-release easily removable one-piece burner assembly, cleaning your Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Grill is a breeze. Its as easy as Lift, Pull & Clean. Experience the versatility of two independently operated stainless steel burners and a massive high-domed hood that can be used both open and closed! Leave the hood open for a mixed-grill feast or succulent seafood. Close the hood for easily controlled baking and roasting. The optional cart features a specifically designed storage area for the reversible hotplate.

  • Exceptional high heat output - cook with the hood up or down
  • Comes standard with two cooking grills and two individual burners
  • NEW removable quick-release one-piece burner assembly for easy cleaning.
  • High dome roasting hood has a serious capacity for big roasts. It will even roast a whole turkey! Roasting hoods feature a big, cool touch stainless steel handle and an oversized thermometer with a modernised bezel.
  • Exterior finished with a high temperature resistant, full gloss coating. Easy to keep clean with a quick wipe over!
  • Heat and smoke exhausted via a rear facing vent for safety, comfort and less cleaning.
  • Cleverly designed side shelves - durable, easily stowed, removable and act as windshields on windy days.
  • Easy access to the drip tray from the back of your Ziggy Grill ensures you can easily clean out the mess and get to cooking faster.
  • Ziggy Classic grills include an integrated flame tamer, which stops oils from falling directly onto the burners to avoid flare-ups
  • Cookware is made from cast iron for great heat retention.
  • Ziggy's signature flame thrower ignition lights first time, every time. With both burners alight, if either goes out, the other will automatically re-light it.
  • The Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Classic barbecue can be used stand-alone, on a table top or with the optional new Twin Grill Classic Mobile Cart or the Folding Cart. Safely and easily transport your BBQ with either of these carts and you will love having all your cooking essentials at your fingertips.
  • Turn your Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Classic into a portable gas cook top with the addition of the optional Twin Grill Reversible Trivet. Take the heat of the kitchen outdoors in summer and leave the house to stay cool!
  • For even more versatility, the Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Classic cooking grills come in two halves, allowing you to change the cooking formation to include accessories such as the rust-proof and non-stick reversible hotplate. With a smooth side for frying up pancakes, eggs and bacon and a griddle side for succulent meats, veggies or fruit, the reversible hotplate is just one of the many optional accessories that will complement your Twin Grill Classic Ziggy.
  • Constructed of die-cast aluminium - not just stamped out steel - the firebox and hood are built to last and will never, ever rust. Meaning you can leave your Ziggy outside and it will keep looking great year after year.
  • Available in Chilli Red, Gunmetal Grey or Black
  • 7 Years Comprehensive Warranty (excluding paint deterioration)
Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Bundle - BBQ/Cart/Plate/Cover/Abzorber/Scraper and Cookbook
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